As a result of increased maritime security challenges across Africa, global naval capabilities have assembled to collaboratively counter illicit maritime activity within the region. To effectively utilize and enforce additional resources, it is essential for Africa’s navies to enhance interoperability, joint tactics and exercises to successfully improve maritime security and stability. To support this, the inaugural Africa Maritime Security Forum hosted by the Senegal Navy in Dakar 20- 22 January 2020 will feature amplified networking exercises and interactive platforms for maritime leaders to formulate collaborative approaches to integrate capabilities for enhanced maritime security.

Hosted during the Senegal Navy’s 45th birthday celebrations, Africa Maritime Security Forum will reveal Senegal’s impressive naval base and fleet capabilities to the international community as well as their commitment to international navy cooperation. The 45th birthday celebrations will see the participation of Africa’s naval leadership as they commemorate Senegal Navy’s contributions to maritime security and further empower collaboration.

VIP Speakers

Vice Admiral Ibok-Ete Ekwe Ibas
Chief of Navy Staff,
Nigeria Navy

Rear Admiral Momar Diagne
Chief of Navy Staff,
Senegal Navy

Rear Admiral Ko-Alexis Maomou
Chief of Staff,
Sea Army of Guinea

Rear Admiral Jean Mendoua
Chief of Naval Staff,
Cameroon Navy

Rear Admiral N'guessan Celestin
Chief of Naval Staff,
Ivory Coast Navy

Captain PJ Juana
Sierra Leone Navy

Captain Jean Léon Olatoundji
Deputy Chief of Naval Staff,
Benin Navy

Sacad Mohamoud Jibril
Deputy Director, Department of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance and International Relation,
Somaliland Coast Guard

Top Reasons to Attend

Celebreate the achievements of Senegal Navy

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Identify leading maritime security strategies

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Solution demonstations

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Global outreach

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Regional collaboration

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Event Features

2-Day interactive conference

2-Day interactive exhibition

Senegal Naval base briefing and tour

Product demonstrations

Exclusive 45th anniversary celebration parade

Event in Numbers


International Navies


VIP Speakers


High- Level Attendees


Sponsors and Exhibitors


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Who Should Attend


  • Navies
  • Coast Guards
  • Maritime Police
  • Ministries of Interior
  • Ministries of Defense
  • Drug and Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Ministries of Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Maritime Authorities including Port and Coastal authorities

Job Titles

  • Chief of Naval Staff
  • Director of Naval Operations
  • Director General or Managing Director
  • Director of Policy and Plans
  • Director of Naval Logistics
  • Chief of Naval Safety and Standard
  • Director of Armament Supplies
  • Director, Fisheries Enforcement Unit
  • Director of armament and procurement


08:00 VVIP Breakfast Think Tank: Implementing collaborative maritime security strategies

Registration and Refreshments
09:20 Opening Ceremony
Official welcome speech
Rear Admiral Momar Diagne, Chief of Naval Staff, Senegal Navy
10:00 Awards of Achievement
VIP exhibition tour and Networking break
Joint Maritime Operations and Strengthening Interoperability
10:50 Exclusive Senegal Maritime Panel: Advanced security requirements and readiness
  • Determining the requirements for future equipment and capabilities in anticipation of 2022 oil exploitation
  • Collaboration between Senegal’s armed forces, maritime authorities and private industry
  • Collaboration with international and regional industry to improve fleet optimization
11:30 Preventative measures and counter-piracy efforts
  • Examining the methods used by previous and ongoing counter-piracy operations to enhance current efforts
  • Identifying the different elements optimized to enhance operational success
  • Ensuring commercial ships are proactive in adhering to Best Management Practices (BMP4) to better deter piracy threats
11:50 Effective execution of maritime patrols
  • Upgrading maritime sensor capabilities to detect and prevent against increasingly volatile threats
  • Overcoming challenges in interoperability and organizational overlap
  • Utilizing onshore and offshore communication networks to efficiently monitor and protect seas and coasts
12:10 Networking Break and Refreshments
12:40 VIP Industry Panel Discussion: Innovative platforms to increase interoperability within the maritime sector
  • Identifying proficiency gaps in existing platforms and the key systems required to optimize resource efficiency
  • Leveraging advanced technology to enhance and complement existing resources
  • Enhancing operational and coalition success through tailored solutions for the region’s maritime forces
13:20 Keynote Maritime Stakeholder Roundtables
  • Coast Guard and Maritime Law Enforcement briefing
  • Navy briefing
  • Maritime Administration briefing
  • Customs and Ports briefing
Interactive discussion groups led by 4 maritime security VIPs to dissect the top threats, emerging solutions, technology and thoughts to enhance collective maritime security. Key findings will be addressed in the maritime stakeholder panel discussion post-lunch.
14:00 Networking Lunch
15:00 Maritime Stakeholder Panel Discussion: Improving transnational operations for enhanced maritime security

Recommendations from roundtables will be discussed amongst the 4 discussion leaders;
  • Revising existing concepts for joint operations to better handle the evolving maritime security challenges of the region
  • Incorporating the intelligence, expertise and domain awareness of regional maritime organizations
  • Creating an effective road map for the coordination of multi- nation/ multi agency operations
15:50 Executive Industry Panel Discussion: Training the next generation of Africa’s maritime leaders
  • Upskilling future officers for a maritime career in the evolving environment
  • Identifying the emerging technology to transform the future of maritime security training
  • Adopting a collaborative approach for development and training of maritime personnel
Interagency Cooperation
16:30 Executive Panel Discussion: Coordination between maritime authorities and the oil sector
  • Increasing the monitoring of critical infrastructure and national resources through collaboration of oil and gas companies, emergency responders and law enforcement bodies
  • Implementing targeted task forces such as operation Ex Toru-Gbown in Nigeria to jointly and forcefully interdict crude oil theft
  • Combining resources (such as vessels, fast interceptor crafts and trained local personnel) to better combat militants
17:10 Countering migration and trafficking operations across Africa’s maritime zones
  • Using a cooperative approach to better understand the methods for dealing with illicit maritime threats offensively and proactively
  • Developing the long- and short-term capacity building initiatives to better control regional waters
  • Identifying the immediate requirements of the regional navies, coast guards and law enforcement in securing the seas
17:30 - 17:40 Chairman closing remarks

End of conference day 1
18:00 - 20:00 Cocktail Reception and Senegal cultural highlights
08:00 Registration and Refreshments
08:55 Chairman opening remarks
Advanced Surveillance and Monitoring Capabilities
09:00 Curbing illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing
  • Effectively sanctioning dedicated entities, such as Fisheries Enforcement Unit in Ghana, with the right resources to monitor and police IUU
  • Identifying the programs necessary to support local fisheries while blocking foreign vessels from industrial trawling
  • Strengthening inter-ministerial efforts in combatting IUU
09:20 Executive Industry Panel Discussion: Increasing aerial surveillance and monitoring capabilities beyond territorial waters
  • Increased application of maritime air surveillance and satellite imagery through aircrafts and autonomous systems
  • Integrating these systems within command and control frameworks to best secure open seas and circumvent illicit activity
  • Leveraging collected data to empower real time combat readiness to better protect commercial vessels and employ limited security resources
Maritime Development and Resource Management
10:10 Identifying effective international partners for local facilities
  • Expanding the capacity of MRO facilities to meet future standards
  • Working with international and regional shipbuilders and certifiers to design joint- bespoke dockyard capabilities
10:30 Networking Break
11:00 Executive Panel Discussion: Integrated maritime strategies and security governance
  • African Union- Protecting and conserving Africa’s “Blue Economy"
  • ECOWAS, ECCAS and SADC- A framework for regional collaboration against maritime crimes
  • ICC- update on the regional strategy on safety and security with the regions maritime space
11:50 Maintaining and enhancing vessels at high operational readiness
  • Enhancing communication between Navies, Coast Guards, shipbuilders and manufacturers to design the best suited vessels
  • Meeting all expectations to ensure fleets are in the optimum condition to achieve their mission
  • Efficiently identifying when new parts and upgrades are needed through closely monitored supply-chains
12:10 Executive Panel Discussion: Deploying the optimal platforms to combat threats and peacetime operations
  • Classifying the most beneficial vessels to secure the region against existing threats while still optimizing current capabilities
  • Targeting the essential equipment, systems and providers to achieve better mission success
  • Implementing the necessary platforms and systems to deploy more effective counterpiracy, illegal bunkering, IUU and environment protection operations
12:50 VIP debriefing of conference discussions
13:00 Networking Lunch
14:00 - 16:00 Amiral Faye Gassama Naval Base: Briefing and Tour

In-depth briefing of the multiple departments of Senegal Navy’s naval base HQ led by senior officers. The briefings will be followed by exclusive tours of the base and dockyard
10:00 - 12:00
VIP debriefing of conferenc 45th Anniversary Parade

Official proceedings to be confirmed

VIP Exhibition Tour and Networking Reception e discussions
Africa Maritime Security Forum Closing Ceremony

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